Freeing the Jaw, Neck & Shoulders

A 4-Week Feldenkrais & Mindfulness Series

This Course Is Being Revamped & Will Be Available The First Week Of November.

Simple self-care practices for reducing tension, releasing stress & relaxing the mind.

A tight jaw is a common complaint in today’s fast-paced living and is directly related to the fight-flight-freeze stress response. In this immersion we’ll gently explore movements of the jaw, head, neck and eyes that can help to calm your whole nervous system.

This Feldenkrais® & Mindfulness series is great for those who grind their teeth, have TMJ, have had a lot of dental work! And its even great for just about anyone who holds onto extra work in the jaw and face. For the record, I'm pretty sure we all hold unnecessary tension in our jaws these days!

But that's not all. Did you know that working with your jaw can also improve your posture? There is an integral relationship between your jaw, your spine, and your pelvis. Then again, your posture and the tensions you carry within your neck, shoulders and jaw can reflect the way you're relating to the world around you.

Come join us and discover how soft and free you can be in your jaw!

"The social ties of a nervous system may be stronger than those with the body itself." —Moshe Feldenkrais

This 4-week series will guide you through easy and accessible practices that you can use to relax your jaw and soften your shoulder. Each week you'll receive an Awareness Through Movement® lesson designed to enhance your breath and improve your movements and release your upper spine, neck, and shoulders. You'll also receive several short mindfulness & movement practices created specifically to help you on track. Most importantly, you'll be guided in a way that will allow you to develop your awareness of the habits that wreak havoc, the practices you can do to remedy the strain and fully guided to easily integrate this work into your daily life.



The Freeing Your Jaw, Neck & Shoulder series was originally part of the Feldenkrais® & Mindfulness Membership. However, it is also available as a fully Self-Paced Series. The self-paced series are our bare-bones offering. But don't let that fool you, as it is still full of resources, lessons and meditations that will keep you moving. It is a program designed for those go-getters who truly want to enjoy Feldenkrais® and Mindfulness on their own time.

Awareness Through Movement® Recorded Audio
Stay inspired, continue growing and keep moving with a 30-50 minute weekly Movement Lessons. The lessons are designed to be beneficial as a stand alone class & to build on one-another throughout the month.

Conscious Play Mini-Movement Audio
Move more throughout your day! The Conscious Play audios are short 5-10 minute movement segments related to that week's class. Most are even designed so that you can do them anywhere...at your desk or standing in line.

Guided Meditation, Self-Scan or Mindfulness Practice Audio
Your ability to pay attention & expand your awareness will grow with every 10-20 minute practice. Improve your focus & deepen your sense peace with yourself & others... instead of always feeling distracted by your running mind.

Grow Your Mind
Each week you'll receive one of the following mind nourishing goodies: Inspired Awareness to take your practice of the floor and into the world. Geek Squeaks and Anatomy notes to keep you learning and growing.

Who This Is For...

In general, this is an All Levels Class Series that is suitable for anyone interested in improving their breath, movement, and posture.

• Movers, shakers and mindfulness makers... and those who want to be!

• Those seeking support in developing a Home Practice.

• Those who don't have a local Feldenkrais Practitioner® or Meditation Teacher.

• Anyone who travels and wants a guided practice on the go.

• All curious souls who want to be embodied.

Who This Is NOT For...

• Those with chronic pain or a disabling disease who have not already worked with a Feldenkrais Practitioner®. If this is you and you don't have a practitioner in your area, then please book a Virtual Consult by clicking here >>

• Anyone with a condition or taking medication that affects their ability to sense pain or discomfort or affects their ability to control their position and movement.

• Those looking for a quick fix! A lot can change in an instant. However, to truly integrate that change takes time.

Your Instructors

Buffy Owens
Buffy Owens


Fedenkrais Practitioner +
Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

Everyone is moved by something...
What's moved and motivated me has shifted throughout the years. In my early days of exploring the mind & body, I was moved to heal. I was driven by just enough dysfunction to evoke a desire for something different.... something more.

Gradually what moved me shifted...
Today, I'm moved by a deep sense of awe and curiosity! I lean into my personal practice (read spiritual vow) through my work at Conscious Movements, an online and in the flesh Feldenkrais & Functional Medicine Health Coaching studio. I use the almighty menu, gentle movement, mindfulness + meditation, and human-focused education to help those with complex pain to thrive. My primary focus is on empowering movers, shakers and mindfulness makers…. and all of those who want to be, with the skills they need to move past the discomfort that is holding them back from living fully!

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

From A Weakness To A Superpower...
Having spent most of my life hearing "You are too sensitive," I became ashamed of it and saw it as a weakness. Instead of embracing what made me so in-tune and aware, I dismissed and pushed past it, which set me up for struggle, overwhelm, and ultimately, dis-ease.

Utilizing Uniqueness...
Having my health hit rock bottom, to the point where I was bed-ridden, gave me the opportunity to really get to know myself. I couldn't just go along with what others were telling me to do, or follow someone else's roadmap, I had to figure out what was going to heal ME. I spent every waking moment researching and experimenting. Each step was a learning process, and one that put me back in touch with MY needs and strengths. They were buried treasure that I now use everyday to maximize my wellness. I also use them to help my clients in my Functional Medicine Health Coaching business, InTended Holistic Wellness.

I am filled with wonder and gratitude each time I get to accompany someone on their healing journey back to themselves, health, and happiness. The majority of my clients are "sensitive" (or "orchids," as I like to call us) and have "mystery" or complicated illnesses not recognized or helped by conventional medicine. I encourage all of us to treat life, and the quest for wellness, as a buffet...take what you love, try something new, come back for what really feeds you, and change things up as your tastes and needs evolve.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course begins when you register and runs for four weeks. It is a completely self-paced series so you decide when you start and when you finish. (First week launches March 9, 2017)
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 21 days and we will give you a full refund.

This course is not open for enrollment.